Colourful Inspiring Art by Belinda Fireman

Belinda Fireman CalgaryArt is therapeutic and colour heals - bringing home an original painting by Belinda will light up your living space with a daily explosion of life & happiness.  Belinda Fireman's colourful, inspiring art is guaranteed to lift the spirits, generate positive reflection and make you smile.

People who have bought Belinda's paintings say they can't stop looking at them, that they derive joy from them each day. Her paintings make wonderful, enduring and meaningful gifts.



My daughter LOVES your art, she is inspired by it and it makes her smile when she sees it - as do I. Organizing our drops offs without Aubrey seeing is always fun. I would say to someone considering buying Belinda's art: Do something right now that makes your heart smile.
Lee Horbachewski
I was looking for art that would make me smile when I looked at it. I love the style of your painting. I love the abstract designs and the depth and the layers. I love that I could spend months looking at it and discover new things in it that I never saw before. But most of all I LOVE how vibrant your paintings are.
I look at your work and escape to another world! Your art is amazing. I want to look at it daily.
Purchasing online was really easy and your communication with me regarding the status of my purchase including shipping was really good. As soon as I opened the box, I was extremely pleased that I had decided to take a chance and buy it. Both of the paintings I have purchased hang in my office. Almost everyone has something to say or notices something different about them -- the folks from our fine arts division especially.
Elizabeth Scherer
I was looking for whimsical, freedom, colour, play and inspiration in art. My experience with Belinda's art is incredible. You are very talented, there is such raw emotion, play and beauty in your art, and you are an incredible free spirit and beautiful soul.
Lee Horbachewski
Your art just speaks to me. Its like a song sung straight to my heart. Do I have enough wall space for everything I want?!! May need to take up a second job for my art addiction.  I give people art tours when they come to my home. I just love you!!!
Ashley Farris
I had some concerns about buying from you because I have known you for so long and we see each other almost everyday.  If something would have gone wrong, would it have made things uncomfortable between us?  My experience was great.  You really took the time to figure out what I was looking for and I think that the painting suits my family perfectly. I would absolutely recommend you to a friend. Your work is beautiful and your prices are reasonable.
I absolutely do recommend your art to everyone I meet. I'd say to someone interested in buying a painting that "It'll make you happy every day to have a piece or 10 of your art." I love that I can come to your home and buy. That you are warm, friendly and involved with the community. 
Ashley Farris
After seeing your posts as you worked on various pieces, I started thinking about the possibility of purchasing one. Although I was worried that I would end up with buyer's remorse, I finally came to the conclusion that, if your art was that compelling on-line, it would only be more so in person. I decided that I'd combine mom's day/bday/anniversary and give myself something special. My experience was phenomenal! Ultimately, I think your art just makes people happy, which is no small thing.
Elizabeth Scherer
I am thrilled to see the pieces I got from you today on my own wall. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent so generously. Who knew that painting as a way of healing could result in such an explosion of life and happiness... I wish you strength and success. (And I have fantasies of you painting every single wall in my house.)
Heide Tieleman
Felt Artist / Viva Felt


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